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The revolutionary SitBones chair
for purrr-fect posture

The SitBones chair is a new, revolutionary and extremely comfortable ergonomic chair for home and office. It is designed to ensure perfect posture, prevent slouching, and, most importantly, prevent and help relieve back, neck and shoulder pain.

The SitBones chair achieves all this because of its shortened seat!

Our Groove model incorporates an additional design feature: a groove through the middle of the seat running front to back, removing all pressure on the prostate gland and maintaining genital health.

What is wrong with traditional chairs?

Despite the efforts of occupational therapists and others to encourage good posture, the increasing incidence of back problems in the workplace indicates that there is a more fundamental problem with the design of the chairs themselves.

How does the sitbones chair solve this design problem?

The SitBones chair has a shortened seat. This amazingly simple but revolutionary idea has profound implications for how people use the chair. It does not allow them to slouch, instead it guarantees that the spine is held in perfect alignment and that the weight of the body rests on the "sit bones". So, while not compromising comfort, the SitBones chair:

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